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are the directing duo behind Chimera. Fraternal twins working in both Maine and New York City with a penchant for darker tones and things that move swiftly.


Growing up in six different states, their nomadic childhood nurtured a "watchful" eye that steered them toward film, but is also why they feel at home almost nowhere and have mild separation anxiety.

Though they both enjoy the entire process of filmmaking, Cameron developed an interest for post-production and, as an editor, has been cutting for ad agencies and boutique production companies across NYC. Clients include the Nike, Meta, MLS, FXX, UnderArmour, Hennessy and more.

Roman focused more on shooting, where he developed his skill and knowledge for the camera working as a cameraman and cinematographer. His work has been seen on broadcast television and more.

Their unique twin relationship of argumentation and synthesization caters itself to creative pursuits like film and photography. In a past life (their youthful 20's), this partnership also led them to the peak of their athletic careers– professional lacrosse.

Some of their work in the sports commercial niche has won awards and have also played on NBC & NBC Sports. Narrative filmmaking is on the horizon though as they continue working on developing short films, keeping their eyes on features down the line.



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